Source: Get Your Green Back Tompkins County
Assumptions, Averages and Sources: Assume 15,000 miles per year, $2.50 gallon for fuel, $0.11/ kWh. Cost and savings rounded to nearest hundred. MPG estimates from For plug-in hybrids, assume 50% miles electric and 50% miles gas. 20lb C02/ gallon gasoline; 0.5lb C02 per kWh.

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Conventional Vehicle (~20 MPG)
Hybrid Electric (~50 MPG)
 Plug-In Hybrid Electric (~70 MPG)
 All Electric Vehicle ( ~100 MPG - e)
What is it?
Your typical vehicle fueled by gas or diesel.
A battery works together with a gas engine and charged by the gas engine.
Vehicles first run on battery power. If the large plug-in battery is emptied the conventional engine turns on.
 Operates Solely on battery power and charges from the grid.
Does not require plugging in to charge.
 Gas engine backup can handle long distance trips with out worrying about charging.
 No tailpipe emissions (no tailpipe). Fewer parts = Less maintenance; Fast acceleration and quiet.
Annual Fuel Use and Cost
Avg = 700 gallons; $1,800
 Avg = 300 gallons; $700
 Avg = 200 gallons, 2,300 kWh; $700
 Avg = 0 gallons, 4500 kWh; $500
$ Savings Over 5 Years (compared to conventional vehicle)
Avg = $0
Avg = $5,500
 Avg = $5,500 Avg = $6,500
Annual Carbon Emissions (tons)
Avg =7 tons
Avg = 3 tons
 Avg = 2.5 tons
 Avg = 1 ton
Rebates and Incentives from the Government
 Up to $7,500 federal tax credit and up to $1,800 NYS rebate
 Up to $7,500 federal tax credit and up to $2,000 NYS rebate
Some Examples
Ford Fusion, Jeep Compass, Subaru Outback, Nissan Rogue, Chevrolet Silverado
Toyota Prius Hybrid, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Toyota Rav4 Hybrid, Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

Chevrolet Volt, Chrysler Pacifica Plug-in Hybrid, Ford C-Max Energi, Toyota Pruis Prime Plug-in
Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Bolt, Kia Soul EV