Whether going through the car buying process for the first time or looking for the next vehicle in your lifetime of driving, Maguire Family of Dealerships is here to guide you through the process. You might be considering a used car as your next vehicle in Ithaca or Trumansburg.

We're taking a closer look at why a pre-owned model might be enticing, with some tips for Syracuse, Watkins Glen or Baldwinsville motorists.



Follow these steps to buying your first used car, and ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Learn more from Maguire Family of Dealerships.

Take a test drive of any used car here at Maguire Dealerships. There are many reasons to buy a pre-owned vehicle for your travels.

To get the best vehicle for the best value, you need to buy your next used car at the right time. Read ahead to learn more so you can start planning your next exciting car-buying journey!

If you are planning on visiting Maguire Dealerships on Black Friday, we want you to be fully prepared. A good way to get things started is by having your car appraised.

It's good to keep some budgeting tips for buying a used car in mind prior to a visit to Maguire Dealerships. Check them out here.

We invite you to check out our used car inventory, which is available online 24 hours a day or at one of our 13 dealer locations.

Buying new has many benefits. As you might imagine, there are many benefits to buying used, too. Continue reading to learn more about the key differences between the two.

Can You Lease a Used Car?
When leasing a used car, you're able to avoid the deprecation curve that's found when leasing a brand new car. Cars depreciate in value after just a few short years on the road. A used car lease means you can find a deal on a car that's still like-new but just isn't as highly valued as it once was.

Down Payments on Used Cars
Making a down payment, even when not required by a dealership, is always a good idea. However, many dealerships will require a down payment, or the first payment you'll make on a car.

We want to ensure your vehicle is a solid investment, which is why we've put together this guide to discuss interest rates on used cars.

You might be wondering how long you can finance a used car. If you aren't paying for a used car with cash, you will need to figure out the best way to finance it.

If you're a driver who is interested in using cash to purchase your next used car instead of applying for a loan, we here at Maguire Family of Dealerships have put together this brief guide to help you out.

Maguire Dealerships is all about helping out our neighbors in Ithaca, Trumansburg, Watkins Glen, Syracuse, and Baldwinsville when it comes to finding the best possible deal on your next used car. 

In what follows, we will explain what you need to drive your car off the lot and what the process is for obtaining temporary tags for your "new" used car.

After you've had a chance to take a look at the exterior and under the hood, you'll step inside and get behind the wheel. Get a feel for the seats both in the front and in the back, and play around with the front seats to ensure there's enough legroom for those in the rear seats.

At Maguire Family of Dealerships, our goal is to ensure the trade-in process is as streamlined as possible. Learn more with our trade-in checklist.

We strive to simplify the process when it comes to the pre-owned models you'll find at our locations. Check out this used car checklist, which can prepare you for buying a pre-owned car from us.

Whether you're shopping for a used car from a private buyer or a dealership, there are some basic rules you should keep in mind when doing so.

Need maintenance for the used car or truck you've purchased? Check out this used car maintenance checklist, which can prepare you for buying a pre-owned car from us.

The Maguire Family of Dealerships is tackling the question of used car mileage vs. age right here in this space, so you're able to make an informed decision about your next car.

There are certain documents you should get when buying a used car, and Maguire Family of Dealerships is discussing them here in this space.

While new cars may gain some of your attention, buying a used car is always an option. Better yet, certified used cars are an option. What exactly is a certified used car?

You might be wondering what to look for in a used car and how many miles it should have on the odometer. We're taking a closer look at what is a good mileage to have in a used car.

If you're on the hunt for that next car, it's important to buy smart. Maguire Dealerships wants Ithaca, Trumansburg, and Watkins Glen drivers to know that we're here for you.

It's possible you may come across a vehicle that has a rebuilt title. What is a rebuilt title, exactly, and how can it actually benefit you?

If you're looking for a used car, you might be wondering if an extended warranty is something you should consider when buying that pre-owned model.

What is the average interest rate for a used car? We're here to provide an answer to that important question and explore used car interest rates with you.

It's a good idea to keep this checklist with you as you visit our dealership. You'll want to have this important documentation on hand when buying a used car.

After you've done the research, taken the test drive, and have driven off the lot, you're going to be satisfired with the lastest vehicle you've added to your life. Learn more from Maguire Family of Dealerships.

We put together the aspects of the car you will want to inspect and check to ensure yourself of the used car you want and give yourself confidence that the car will continue to perform smoothly for years to come.

A pre-owned vehicle can be a great choice for a first-time buyer. Drivers seeking their first vehicle should visit Maguire Family of Dealerships to see the wide range of options in our inventory.

If you're the kind of driver who doesn't care all that much about the new car smell, then buying pre-owned is a great option. Why buy a used car? Learn more from Maguire Family of Dealerships.

Used Car Buying Tips

The first thing to consider when buying a pre-owned car is what its primary use will be. Make sure the vehicle will fulfill all of your needs. If you're looking for a vehicle to take you to and from work, perhaps a sedan is on tap. An SUV or minivan might be better for a larger family.

Once you have a car in mind, take care of the following:

Set a budget. Take note of how much you're going to spend. Many drivers spend about 20% of monthly income on a car, but a more frugal driver might look to spend 10-15% of monthly income. This also includes service, maintenance, gas, and inspections.

Read the history report. Research and due diligence will help you throughout the process. Always ask to see the vehicle history report. Companies like AutoCheck™ and CARFAX® provide information about a car's maintenance history, odometer readings, and previous ownership.

Test drive. It's well worth your time. Get a feel for how the engine performs on the highway and on quieter streets. Sit in the driver's seat, play around with the infotainment system, and explore the trunk and cargo space.

Shopping Our Inventory

 Want to find that next car? It's worth shopping our pre-owned inventory. We feature a range of used models, with brands like Ford, Dodge, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, Audi, and Volkswagen available.

If you aren't seeing the car that's a perfect match at the moment, use our CarFinder tool and complete the form. We'll let you know when a car comes in to our inventory that matches your needs.

Always Focused on Your Needs

Maguire is committed to your success. We look forward to serving Ithaca and Trumansburg motorists at our dealership. Search for a used car in our online inventory, or visit our lot near Syracuse, Watkins Glen and Baldwinsville.

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